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Industry Partners

Mr Peter FAN
General Manager, Yao Shun Language Services Limited
Generally speaking, HKCC interns were courteous, cooperative and hardworking. Many of them treasured the opportunity to learn in the workplace. They worked in close collaboration with our full-time staff, helping us a lot in making the project a success.
Mr William PANG
District Director, Manulife (International) Limited
Most of the HKCC interns were disciplined and creative; they also had a yearning for learning.

I really appreciate the concerted effort of HKCC’s management and lecturers to foster students’ holistic development through the Work-Integrated Education programme.
Assistant Director of Human Resources, Shangri-La Hotel, Zhongshan
HKCC interns obeyed and executed the hotel regulations. They worked hard, showed initiative and self-motivation. They were willing to learn and co-operated well with colleagues to complete various tasks. They were good at English, Cantonese and Mandarin, so they could communicate effectively with our guests.
Ms Jennifer CHOI
Director of HR, Sheraton Shunde Hotel
HKCC students worked in a professional manner and were able to follow through with their work.

Overall, the students were able to meet hotel standards, disciplined, well-mannered and hardworking with team spirit. I believe their lecturers had provided them with enough guidance before the internship and would like to extend my appreciation to the lecturers.
Mr Alex CHAN
Joint Managing Director, SynTxt Translation Limited
I can tell from their work that HKCC students were very attentive and could apply what they have learned. I also note that the performance of HKCC students is on a rising trend probably due to higher admission requirements or the attraction of your translation programme to interested students.
Mr Kam-shing HUI
District Councillor, Wong Tai Sin District Council
HKCC interns were willing to learn and ready to put effort in the internship. Although they were green, they were able to work with mature residents and develop rapport with them.

They also brought new energy to our office and stimulated the thinking of both the staff and the volunteers.
Ms Ka-fung NG
School Principal, Holy Carpenter Secondary School
Most of the HKCC interns were well-equipped with qualities including a sense of responsibility, active participation, diligence, enthusiasm, commitment, sociability, and creativity etc.

The interns contributed a lot during the internship. They assisted in the organisation of a wide range of school activities.
Ms Mandy TAI
Assistant Training Manager, InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong
HKCC interns demonstrated team work and built up a good relationship with other colleagues easily.

Also, they were helpful and always followed instructions from supervisors. They were eager to learn so as to better equip themselves with real life working situation.
Ms Celia CHU
Hostel Supervisor, NAAC High Street House Singleton Hostel
HKCC interns were energetic and helpful. They planned some programmes and outdoor activities for the clients in the hostel and tried their best to build up a trusting relationship with the clients.
Ms Angela LEE
Training Manager, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers
HKCC interns were courteous, hardworking, eager to learn, willing to do every task given by departmental trainers. They were also good team players.
Ms Suet-mui TSANG
Deputy Ward Manager (Infirmary Unit), Cheshire Home
The overall performance of HKCC students was very good. They were polite and willing to learn. They actively participated in ward routine, followed instructions and accepted advice. They accomplished the assigned duties well.
Director of Human Resources, Shangri-La Hotel, Manzhouli
HKCC interns were all positive, friendly, studious and hospitable. They were proficient in English and could communicate with foreign guests easily.

Our peak season is from June to August, which is exactly the same with the internship period. The interns could satisfy our need for extra manpower and were able to provide quality service for our guests.
Ms Angela TSANG
Admin & HR Manager, Park Hotel International Limited
HKCC interns boasted such strengths as self-initiative, good communication skills, willingness to take up responsibilities, high adaption to formal rules and policies, and cooperation.

The students received training in our Food and Beverage Department. They were fast learners and could perform the tasks assigned to them. Also, they could communicate with guests well in English and serve customers satisfactorily.
Ms Mable KONG
Senior Accounting Manager, Hong Yip Service Company Limited
HKCC students were smart, polite, hardworking and willing to learn. They would ask for advice when they faced any difficulties. They would also share with us their points of view for better understanding and co-operation.

In our company, there are quite many similar tasks which have to be performed repetitively, e.g. bank reconciliation, verifying/checking of car parking income, and filing etc. HKCC students could help our staff with those tasks and provide opportunities for our staff to coach new joiners.
Mr Wai-chiu NG
Director, Hong Kong Social Workers' General Union
HKCC students were sincere, compliant, cheerful, friendly, willing to improve themselves continuously and eager to achieve the assigned jobs.

Their strengths included good learning attitude, active to ask related questions and clarify information, and well-adapted to our working environment.

They were a real help to us in launching activities such as fundraising and campaigns which aroused public awareness about the injustice of our election of the Chief Executive etc.


Kelvin TSANG
Higher Diploma in Financial and Investment Planning
I worked in a financial institution during summer vacation. Although I possess part-time job experience, it was my first time to work in a financial institution. The internship was a novel experience to me. The seniors and colleagues were nice and willing to teach me. My colleagues not only dressed in business attire but also demonstrated professionalism at work. During the morning assembly, the seniors shared the problems encountered by the clients and we discussed the solutions together. Through this internship, apart from the opportunity of meeting those good seniors, I learned how to maintain a good work attitude, which was an invaluable experience.
Kelly YIP
Associate in Business (Tourism Management)
I worked as an intern in a travel agency that specialises in receiving overseas tourists, where I learned a lot. I had the opportunity to communicate with visitors directly and understand their needs. I was so happy that I could apply the knowledge learned from lessons to help visitors solve their problems so that they could enjoy their holiday in Hong Kong. My lecturer always reminds us that attitude is of utmost importance, and I fully realised it after completing the internship. No matter how tired or unwell I felt, I had to be professional when serving clients. Clients should never be affected by my own concerns. Through this internship, I understood the importance of job responsibility. As I was representing the company when performing my duties, I had to be earnest. I would like to thank the industry partner for providing me with the valuable internship opportunity.