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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of work assignments will I be doing during my internship?
Work assignments will be decided based on companies’ needs as well as the skills and knowledge of the potential candidates. Work assignments can take the form of projects or operational tasks that aim to help students advance their professional competencies or develop generic and operational skills which are valuable to their future career development.

What is expected from host organisations?
Host organisations are expected to plan the internship and select work assignments which offer you learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Meanwhile, they are expected to provide a safe work environment, supervision and performance evaluation for you, as well as offering feedback to HKCC at the end of the internship.


What is the application procedure for an internship?

Students will be notified of internship opportunities via email. You have to submit application before the stipulated deadline. Shortlisted students will be invited to attend interviews conducted by the College and/or host organisations. The final decision on selection rests with the host organisations. 

Am I entitled to Statutory Minimum Wage?
Under the Minimum Wage Ordinance, Statutory Minimum Wage does not apply to student interns as well as work experience students during a period of exempt student employment. For details, please click here to download “Statutory Minimum Wage: Notes for Student Employees and Employers” issued by the Labour Department.
WIE programmes should be regarded as part of your learning and an invaluable experience contributing to your future career development. Any compensation or allowances will be at the sole discretion of host organisations.

What about the arrangement of insurance and MPF contribution?
All HKCC interns are covered by the Group Personal Accident Insurance (GPA) provided by HKCC. Normally, it is not necessary for a host organisation to contribute to MPF for HKCC students taking internships unless a bona fide employer-employee relationship is established and the employment contract is no less than 60 calendar days.

How do I fit my term-time WIE programme into my academic timetable?
Programme length and schedule can be mutually agreed upon between you and the host organisation. However, as a full-time student at HKCC, it is important for you to keep in mind that class schedule shall prevail in case of time clash with your work schedule.

What kinds of documents should I submit to the Subject Lecturer for the assessment of WIE programme? 
For CCN2155: You are required to submit the list of documents as defined in “Internship Specification” (WIE/FORM/05A) according to the deadline set by the Subject Lecturer.
For stand-alone WIE programme: After the attainment of the designated internship hours, you are required to submit “Certification of WIE Programme”  (WIE/FORM/06B), or the documents in lieu, and “Self Reflective Journal for stand-alone WIE Programme” (WIE/FORM/06C) to the Programme Leader.

Where can I obtain the WIE forms for the documentation of my internship? 
The forms are downloadable from my.HKCC.

Who will be eligible to receive a WIE Certificate? 
Higher Diploma students who have accomplished the WIE requirements through the completion of a practicum subject, namely CCN2155, or stand-alone WIE programmes are eligible to receive a WIE Certificate. The WIE Certificate will be issued at the end of each semester.